History for kids: Ancient Egypt

For thousands of years now, Egypt has mystified and intrigued people from all walks of life, ranging from archeologists and other experts to regular folks who just have a healthy curiosity. Something about the ancient megalithic structures the Egyptians left behind draws us in and piques our curiosity. The idea that these supposedly primitive people accomplished such impressive feats of engineering so long ago is a testament to human resolve and ingenuity.

Not only did ancient Egypt prosper and achieve greatness during its time, but this civilization also impacted the world that came after it in many ways. The imprint left behind by the Egyptians comes as no surprise since their history roughly spans a period of three-thousand years. Ancient Egypt lasted much longer than many other famous civilizations and empires. The history of ancient Egypt is so vast and important that the pursuit of knowledge about this civilization has spawned relevant scientific disciplines such as Egyptology.

Let Dinobibi guide you through that story and put many things about ancient Egypt in perspective by chronologically exploring the civilization’s history as well as many aspects of society and life. Let’s discover how and why ancient Egypt prospered and how this majestic civilization shaped the world well beyond its region.