Mandinka: A communication guide for travelers to The Gambia and Senegal

Quite rightly The Gambia becomes more popular as holiday destination every year. It’s affordable and yet the real Africa. The author offers you the challenge to speak the colloquial language before you’ll reach Yundum Airport near Banjul. Your flying time (6 hours from Heathrow) is all the time you need. Mandinka is spoken by all different ethnic groups. Why? Because it’s easy! Learn the few rules and apply them to the common verbs en substantives. Once arrived you will see that you are ‘outstanding in the crowd’ and will be treated differently… Mandinka for each moment! The market, restaurant, your hotel, up country or the local disco. This guide provides many ready-to-use examples and a word for word translation to unveil the structure of the language and give you the Mandinka–feel.