Africa's Little Kings and Queens: Four Diverse Children’s Books on African History By Louisa Olafuyi

Africa’s Little Kings & Queens is a collection of four beautifully illustrated rhyming picture books inspired by ancient Africa’s most influential leaders. Perfect for introducing the next generation of young leaders, thinkers, and game-changers to Africa’s great history. Suitable reading for ages 3 - 8 years-old.

Meet Queen Yaa, the brave and responsible leader of the Ashanti Kingdom. It’s her job to protect the Golden Stool, so when she overhears a plan to steal it, she knows just what to do. Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool is a rhyming story introducing you to a brave and responsible leader.

Meet Mansa Musa, the loved leader of the Mali Empire. He wants to help people but doesn’t know how. That’s until a fruit-seller gives him a bright idea! Mansa Musa Builds a School is a rhyming story introducing you to an innovative and generous leader.

Meet Queen Kitami, the playful leader of Mpororo. She’s faced with having to make new friends, which hasn’t been easy, but she has a plan! Queen Kitami Makes Friends is a rhyming story introducing you to a playful and courageous friend.

Meet Shaka Zulu, the strong and brave leader of the Zulu Empire. He’s a great king, but when it comes to dancing he still has lots to learn, and the Zulu disco is days away. Shaka Zulu, Learns to Dance is a rhyming story introducing you to a groovy and influential leader.

These four books are fictional stories inspired by the life of these influential leaders and the impact they had on their people.

Kunda Kids has a single purpose, to inspire the next generation of young people about ancient and modern African history and culture. These stories bring diversity into your children’s literature in a fun and exciting way through beautifully illustrated picture books that illuminate black history.