African Fables: Tales from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) By Winifred Pearce

As a young woman in the 1920s, Winifred Pearce left the safety and comfort of her home in England to follow her husband to Rhodesia, the country now known as Zimbabwe. While Winifred’s husband worked on the family’s farm, she raised the couple’s two young children.

While Winifred was in Africa, an old Rhodesian man named M’Dala shared with her a handful of fables that had been passed down by word of mouth in his village. Winifred wrote down these stories and tucked them away for decades.

Today, Winifred’s daughter and great-granddaughters share these stories with young and old readers alike, pairing each fable alongside beautiful and original illustrations.

The underlying themes of these simple stories tackle such universal topics as love and sacrifice, greed and suspicion, sickness, and questions of our origins and survival. Appealing to children and anyone interested in Africa, this collection is a valuable addition to any family’s home library.